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Agile Program Management &
Why is it better?

Agile Program Management is applying Agile values and principles to the management, organization, and support of programs covering multiple initiatives, activities, products, and services.  The goal of Agile Program Management is to ensure the best results across each department, program, product and service group — while keeping overall business objectives in mind.

Traditional Program Management, as opposed to Project Management, does not focus on deliverables of individual projects, but on the progress and success of many related projects. In a small business, program managers might oversee projects across the entire company, while in a large enterprise, they might lead a single division.

Organizations are finding it makes more sense to use Agile Program Management to transform every aspect of their business — including research and development, IT, human resources, marketing, sales and services, and the entire range of corporate activities.

Five Key Agile Concepts to
Ensure Success

When Agile Program Management integrates seamlessly with business transformation, you can better tame the chaos of large programs and turn strategy into sustainable value.  We will serve you from the beginning to the end of your journey to turn strategies into results.  Our approach blends Agile Program Management expertise with PMI’s Standard for Program Management and PMBOK Project Management best practices to deliver tailored innovative solutions that work for both the enterprise as a whole, individual business functions and projects.


Project paths rarely line up in a linear way but typically are more incremental. An Agile iterative approach means on-the-go adjustments throughout the entire life cycle of a project.


Agile Program Management involves continuous sprints, where planning and execution happen in ongoing waves to identify and address changing requirements or project goals.


When you are Agile, all parties are empowered to contribute to the project end goal. Collaboration builds trust, accountability and helps ensure that one faulty idea won’t go unchallenged.


Becoming Agile means change: changing culture, priorities, and goals. With all stakeholders on board, managing becomes easier, expectations evolve, customer satisfaction improves.


Sometimes a simpler solution is obvious. At other times, a problem and its solution are apparently complex. Those problems require more effort to come up with a simpler solution.

Turning Complex Projects into
Simple Solutions

VersaTech has the expertise, necessary skills, tools and proven best practice strategies to help ensure your organization’s programs and projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Program & Project Management Services

No matter the Size, every organization has Programs and Projects that look, behave and perform differently

For nearly two decades, VersaTech has helped solve our customer’s toughest Program and Project Management problems with agility, speed, precision, and impact. Our collective Program and Project Management experience includes both programs and projects large and small in scope—involving multiple vendors and solutions. 

VersaTech’s expertise spans a variety of delivery approaches, with a focus on agile and hybrid lifecycle solutions. Regardless of your challenge, we are here as your partner, to help you build something that works and will work for a long time. 

Optimize your resources with Program and project management expertise

Our Program and Project Management services deliver a single point of leadership for large complex programs involving single multi-phase projects or multiple projects with distinct scope, budget and schedule requirements. 

We strive to understand your individual program and/or project needs, assist in the development, the creation and execution of the implementation plan to achieve both the individual and overall program and/or project goals. 

Managing Volatility to Deliver Success

Manage risks, identify efficiency improvements and increase predictable outcomes

Meet Business Goals and Objectives

Deliver programs and projects to meet business goals and objectives within budget and on schedule

Five Phases of Program & Project Management

Starting a new program or project is both exciting and challenging at the same time. There is also a lot of uncertainty, and it is our job at VersaTech to bring clarity and set up your program or project for success.  As you may know, program and project are sometimes used interchangeably however, they are different with some minor caveats. A program scope is much broader and consists of multiple projects and/or sub-programs. 

Program & Project

Requirements Definition & Planning

Program & Project

Performance Monitoring &
Cost Control

Program & Project

Expertise you can trust

with VesaTech

You know your customers and the competitive environment. You’ve identified your strengths and opportunities, and your business strategy is sound. But while most organizations are adept at developing strategies, many struggle to turn strategy into sustainable results while managing day-to-day operations. The critical, time-sensitive programs and projects that drive results require significant expertise, focus, discipline, and resources.

Maximizing Efficiency, Productivity And Success

Using best-in-class program and project management processes, tools, and training, VersaTech helps ensure the essential work gets done quickly and efficiently. Unlike conventional business consulting firms, VesaTech is all about execution excellence. Everyday operations continue uninterrupted while we lead planning and execution of your key programs and projects, provide structure around your program and/or project management office, or help translate your strategy into actions that will drive success.

Our highly skilled and experienced team can effectively manage your programs and projects to ensure your success and let you focus on running your business.

Program Management

Leverage our team of Program Management Professionals (PgMP)s and expertise to provide program oversight, guidance, coordination, and risk management. Our staff will work with you to implement a proven structured process to ensure your projects align to strategic objectives and achieved desired business goals.

Project Management

Our certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)s bring years of experience in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, issue resolution, and risk management. Our staff leverages a proven Agile methodology, project tools, templates and techniques to ensure your project success.

Change Management

We help you get your crucial, high-value projects across the finish line. Whether you're at project initiation, in the design and develop phase, or actively managing change, our Change Management Professionals collaborate with your project team, business leads and stakeholders every step of your change journey.


We bring our profound business analysis expertise to handle all aspects of your project lifecycle from project initiation and planning, to solution implementation, and ongoing support. We leverage best-in-class practices, benchmarking and analysis to deliver the outcomes that optimize and protect your business.

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