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 Focus on your business with Cloud Computing rather than having to constantly manage your IT infrastructure to suit your existing and long-term needs.

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Modern digital experiences require smarter methodologies, better technologies, and innovative approaches to win users’ trust and attention. Cloud Computing technologies have the potential to deliver sophisticated software solutions with such experiences.

However, you need a reliable partner who can oversee the perfect implementation of Cloud Computing technologies. With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, VersaTech equips you with the right expertise to make the most of Cloud Computing technologies.

Whether it be modernizing an aging software, building a solution from scratch, or modifying your current IT infrastructure to keep up with business growth, VersaTech utilizes the best cloud practices and methodologies to fulfill your business goals.

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We offer a range of Cloud Computing services to help navigate your way to solve complex business challenges, support your growing business, and deliver customer-centric solutions.

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Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Transformation

We will work with you to accelerate your business with Cloud Transformation. Streamline your operations and manages risk to drive revenue, business innovation, growth and resiliency. We focus on radically rethinking how you address architecture and governance to successfully operate in the cloud.

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Cloud Migration

Using repeatable migration frameworks and industry-proven delivery methodologies, we can help you plan, design, deploy and optimize your cloud migration.

Application & Data Modernization

Our application and data modernization services offer a competitive upgrade by rebuilding your legacy systems with new cloud-native architecture and advanced data capabilities.

Cloud Compliance & Security

Leveraging agile methodologies and principles combined with cloud-native and cloud-based tools, we integrate and automate cloud governance and security practices.

Cloud Application Development

VersaTech’s expertise in terms of architecture patterns and best practices help you make the best use of cloud technologies to create, deploy, adopt and upgrade cloud-based applications.

Serverless Application Development

Use our serverless application development to forget about the backend provisioning or maintenance and focus solely on delivering an exceptional user experience to your customers.

Cloud Architecture Design & Review

Implement the latest cloud capabilities and minimize system downtime with proven cloud architecture design services and tested strategies.

Cloud Development

Maximize your business value by adopting end-to-end Cloud Development. With scalable computing resources in focus, we help you migrate resource-intensive processes, bringing better business agility and achieving the flexibility your business needs.

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Sync your development, security and operational capabilities to accelerate product lifecycle with our DevSecOps services. With continuous integration and delivery at the focus, we help you automate processes, strengthen application security, upgrade architecture, and more.

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DevSecOps Consulting

We devise the best DevSecOps implementation strategies to help streamline your workflows, automate CI/CD pipelines, accelerate software delivery with the highest development standards.

Cloud infrastructure management

Get your cloud infrastructure ready to support a fast-paced delivery model, powered by DevSecOps, with your management services. We help you keep downtimes at bay, manage resources efficiently, and scale seamlessly.

CI/CD services

Keep up with evolving market trends and user requirements with DevSecOps practices that help you deploy and manage CI/CD pipelines. Roll out innovative solutions while resolving issues at a higher cadence.

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