Overcome cybersecurity threats and
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Manage cybersecurity Risks and improve your security posture. VersaTech offers expert security solutions for your organization, no matter your size, industry, or current security maturity.

Cybersecurity Made Simple

Proactive Cybersecurity is essential to protecting
your systems, networks & programs

Our Cybersecurity Solutions provide an overall defensive envelope of protection for your organization, with expert cybersecurity services ranging from assessments and audit readiness to threat monitoring, detection and response. We help organizations of all sizes and across all industries mitigate risk and adhere to regulatory compliance.

VersaTech understands that not every business operates the same, so we strive to provide custom solutions that address your specific security and regulatory requirements. Our Cybersecurity Solutions provide a frictionless approach to quickly adapt and take action to manage risk and defend against threats.

How We Build an Agile Cybersecurity Framework

Our team of dedicated cyber professionals help our clients ensure they are protected by developing agile cybersecurity framework focused on security, to deliver continuous operational improvements while aligning to business imperatives.

Capabilities Assessment

We follow a four-step process beginning with assessments covering Cyber Capability, Enterprise Compliance, Operational Technology (OT) Security, and the Cloud.

Strategy & Program Design

From Cyber Strategy Design and Enhancement, Program Design and Operating Model Development, Cloud Transformation, to Policy, Procedure, Standards and Controls.

Risk Management

We take action to Identify, analyze, evaluate and address cyber threats with Risk Governance and Oversight, Risk Identification and Assessment, and Risk Management and Reporting

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance go hand in hand. The implementation of the right risk management procedures ensures auditing, managing, monitoring, and response compliance.

Tackle Cybersecurity Challenges
head-on with VersaTech

Cybersecurity challenges can be enormous if they are not handled by the right partner. You need experts that offer a range of cyber solutions. VersaTech can protect your assets and resources around the clock more effectively.

Security By Design

Cybersecurity Risk &
Regulatory Compliance Services

Cyber Defense & Protection

We can help your organization capitalize transformational business with the agility needed to safely achieve your growth goals. VersaTech’s cyber professionals will guide you toward innovative approaches that enable a successful defense with Cybersecurity — from automated defense technologies that protect your systems and network to securing your endpoints, data, and applications.

Cybersecurity defense and protection against internal and external threats hackers

Incident & Threat Management

We can help you recognize threats and manage them dynamically by identifying critical assets, processes, and developing defensive plans to protect them from major incidents.

Network Security

VersaTech will help secure your network — whether on the cloud, on-premise or both — to prevent, detect and monitor access from malicious external or internal actors, and enable secure remote access from anywhere in the world.

Identity & Access Management

We will work with you to implement identity and access management by employing an alignment of people, processes and technology to reduce risk and satisfy an ever-increasing number of compliance requirements.

Data Governance

Set up a Data Governance program to meet compliance requirements, address business risks and help the business better monetize more trusted data.

Data Discovery

Data Discovery requires a suite of tools and skills: consistent taxonomies, standards and controls, supported by experts in risk, privacy and compliance.

Data Protection

Data Protection requires a data-driven cyber risk management program that encompasses gap assessments, cyber safety training, continuous monitoring.

Data Risk & Protection

Our Data Risk and Protection service covers Data Discovery, Governance, and Protection, enabling clients to gain a deeper understanding their data, establish effective policies, and safeguard valuable assets. This not only reduces the risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance but also ensures better data quality, integrity, and availability, leading to improved business outcomes.

Cybersecurity data risk and protection from internal and externals threats hacker ensure compliance

Cyber Strategy, Risk & Compliance

As organizations have begun to pivot toward a digital business model, exponentially more data is generated and shared amongst organizations, partners and customers. VersaTech can assist by ensuring our client’s cybersecurity program is orchestrated and synchronized with the organization’s business goals, and inherently flexible enough to recognize real-world risk and compliance issues.

We help our clients assess, design, strategize, implement, and maintain an effective cybersecurity and risk management program that protects against threats, manages and monitors risk, enforces regulatory and compliance requirements, and propels transformation.

Cyber Strategy Risk Management and Regulatory compliance

Cyber Capabilities Assessment

Streamline your cyber capabilities to benchmark your cybersecurity capabilities against industry standards and leading cyber practices to identify key initiatives for improvement and program effectiveness.

Cyber strategy & Program Design

Develop custom-tailored cybersecurity strategies, governance models, and transformation programs that are informed by the risks, threats, and aligned with your industry, strategic objectives and culture.

Cyber Risk Management

We assist in building a sustainable capability to manage your cybersecurity risks throughout the cyber risk management lifecycle — identifying risks and threats, assessing risks, response to risk, monitoring and reporting risk.

Regulatory Compliance

Take control of your regulatory compliance activities by utilizing the latest technology and automation to meet industry standards, regulatory requirements and provide key insights for operational excellence.

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