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Bridge the gap between your data sources and business goals so you can analyze and examine your data, gather new insights, draw robust reports, and make actionable business decisions.

What is Data Management &
Why is it Important?

Today’s businesses and organizations have access to more data than ever before, but are they leveraging all that data as effectively as possible?  This data is now crucial to creating a foundation of intelligence for important business decisions no matter what the industry. To ensure employees have the right data for decision-making, they must invest in Data Management Solutions that improve visibility, reliability, security, and scalability.

VersaTech can address these data challenges head on with a number of Data Management services, which are aimed to clean, unify, and secure your data. This, in turn, allows you to glean insights through dashboards, other data analytics and visualization tools, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Four Principles to Data Management

As with any digital transformation initiative, changing organizational culture is required when adopting a data-driven approach for making decisions, driving sales, and improving customer experiences.  Specifically, there are four major principles to Data Management to keep in mind when implementing a data-driven approach: Strategy and Governance, Data Standards, Data Integration, and Data Quality.

Strategy & Governance

To be data-driven, first create a data strategy that defines a data governance structure that addresses data stewardship to accommodate for the collection, harnessing, cleansing, reconciling, and managing vast amounts of data through analytics.

Data Standards

Good Data Management begins with the defining data process standards by creating a business data glossary, defining data validation and business rules, nomenclatures, and adopting controlled vocabularies recognized by national standards bodies.

Data Integration

Data standards and consistent approaches simplify data integration from various functional areas, processes, and systems. The use of a data unification approach and common data structures can eliminate data duplication and reduce point to point integrations.

Data Quality

Data can only be a strategic asset once there are enough processes to support, govern, and manage data quality. Good data quality can be maintained with the establishment data quality metrics, periodic audits, and performance objectives.

Create a foundation of intelligence for important business decisions

VersaTech Creates Tailored Data-Driven Solutions To Help Deliver Value And Drive Innovation. Let Us Help You Ensure That Reliable, Up-To-Date Data Is Always Used To Drive Your Business Forward.

Data Done Right

Data Analytics & Management Services

Need a Better Way to Manage Data, But Can't Make Sense of Technology terms?

As a Data Analytics and Management service provider, we know the data management sector is full of all kinds of buzz words such as big data, master data management, ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), data cleansing, real-time data, in-memory data, agile data and more.

The reality is that there are so many complex challenges when dealing with the volume of today’s data; no longer does a data management strategy consist of simply having the data.

Successful Projects Delivered On Time And On Budget

We know you have plans and strategies in place when it comes to your Data Management initiatives. With a large number of IT projects running over budget, searching for a data management strategy can get complicated fast due to the marketing jargon and confusing technical terminology. We know you’re not looking to fail, that’s why we aim to simplify the technical aspects with our Data Analytics and Management Services so we’re all on the same page.

VersaTech provides comprehensive Data Analytics and Management Services that include strategy and governance, data standards, data integration, data analytics, data quality, and more. Your organization’s data is one of its most valuable assets. So, creating data management policies, procedures, and processes to ensure it remains accurate, secure, accessible, and usable for analytics insights should be a top priority. Our goal when providing Data Analytics and Management Services is to ensure you have accurate and relevant information to make fact-based and actionable business decisions.

Data Management Consulting

Is your data a mess?

Most of your data’s value is probably lost in a multitude of databases and separate systems that aren’t integrated through a data management strategy.

What Data Analytics and Management Looks Like

By partnering with VersaTech to get control over your data, you can realize the results: better reporting, easier decision-making, increased transparency, improved regulatory compliance, less manual processing and fewer errors.

Save Your Assets

with VesaTech

No matter the current state of your data or your organizations analytics maturity level, VersaTech can help you create and implement a solid data management process. Our team of data professionals will benchmark your current status and tailor a roadmap to help you grow from there.

Foundational Data Roadmap to Success

While every client requires a unique partnership to address specific challenges, our data professionals build on a reliable foundation honed through years of experience and customer engagements delivering innovative IT solutions.  


  • Perform an inventory of your information systems and document the sources of your data; assess data management processes, tools, and vendors.
  • Identify which systems are the primary source of specific data, such as customer information, and which should be used by or feed other systems or reports.
  • Work with you to create the data architecture to best collect, cleanse, transform, and store your data in order to easily access and perform analysis and reporting; chart a data management roadmap.


  • Combine data from disparate sources; validate and cleanse if necessary.
  • Create and implement policies and procedures to ensure data is collected accurately.
  • Implement change management process with your teams to ensure changes are clearly communicated and managed properly so that data integrity is maintained.
  • Create documentation such as data dictionaries, which clearly identify the sources of each data element, any cleansing, transformation or enhancements that have occurred, and precise definitions so that others can use the data correctly.
  • Design database solutions and create the necessary programs to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources into a data warehouse.


  • Align with data governance program to ensure smooth operations and continuous improvements.
  • Monitor data warehouse and databases uptime and availability.
  • Evaluate and perfect ETL processes to minimize errors and load time.
  • Track data quality success. Setup automated data quality assurance monitoring and analytic dashboards.
  • Ongoing change management for optimal speed, breadth, and quality of project implementation.


  • Conduct training session to ensure all users understand and properly follow all protocols correctly. Deliver slide decks or other training materials for dissemination.

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Monitor Data

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