State and Local

Our Homegrown Efforts

While we take a great deal of pride in doing our part to support the DoD, military, and other federal agencies, we are every bit as proud of our work with state and local governments.  We live and work in our local community, so it only makes sense that we want to make sure to be a factor in the performance of local and state agencies.  By helping our local and state agencies run more efficiently, safely, and fiscally responsible, it helps everyone in the community.
Much like with our federal partners, we provide IT services, cybersecurity, documentation, and digital transformation.  We help the agencies become more efficient, introduce them to new technologies, and develop new software to help them accomplish their duties and goals more efficiently, and overall be more effective stewards of our taxpayer money.

Case Study

Maryland State Workers’ Compensation Commission
The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) is an Independent Agency within the Executive Branch of Maryland State Government.  The WCC administers the Workers’ Compensation Law and adjudicates claims for compensation arising under the law.

Scope of Work

VersaTech was charged with automating the WCC claims process to accelerate the timeframe in which claims were processed and completed.


Leverage the Bizagi platform to automate archaic procedures that are critical in processing workman’s comp claims.
Deliver multiple releases to facilitate a digital transformation for improvement of processing worker’s compensation claims.


  • WCC was awarded the Bizagi’s Company/Project of the Year
  • Started with a paper-based process, and transformed it into an easy collaborative electronic platform
  • Various forms and critical information are now entered and processed online by claimants, legal presentation, medical experts, and the commission to include digital signatures
  • Implemented expedited procedures for obtaining claims and receiving payments

Critical Statistics

  • Transformed WCC from paper-based environment to digital environment
  • Implemented business process reengineering efforts to improve and obtain efficiencies
  • Improved the client’s productivity by streamlining the process
  • Average claims are now processed and adjudicated in months instead of years