Improving the Learning Process.

Education is a vital cornerstone of any modern culture and is the one way for people to make their lives better and help ensure the subsequent generations have a better life and world than ours.  From a business perspective, education is what drives progress and provides a more educated workforce to build, invent, innovate and make businesses and the world a better place for us all.
Case Study
AccelerEd is an academic enablement company that makes next-generation technology both available and viable for educational institutions.  AccelerEd enables education institutions to evolve, innovate and advance their operations with greater efficiency and effectiveness, allowing education administrators to focus on cultivating student success.


VersaTech, partnered with AccelerEd to be the choice to educational institutions for innovative technologies that improve the economics of colleges and universities, make education delivery more efficient and effective, and enable academic administrators to focus on improving student outcomes.


AccelerEd should execute across five value propositions that leverage its deep industry expertise to solve critical buyer challenges
Customer Insights
Customer Insights
Academic & Pedagogical Modernization
Services enable the delivery of courses and content in and outside of the classroom, built on platforms that can capture data to inform new methods of teaching and learning
Administrative Modernization
Simplified maintenance and operations for administrative systems, with a path towards modernized, integrated core applications that facilitate efficient administrative processes
IT Modernization & Agility
Secure, cloud-based hosting and managed services that accelerate digital transformation while reducing the need to upstaff/upskill; faster time to market meeting strategic needs
Research Modernization & Growth
Scalable high-performance computing resources available on demand, without the cost and commitment of dedicated infrastructure
Expanded capacity without the physical infrastructure. Al-driven services to connect with prospects and students that improve recruitment and retention
In times of crises, such as COVID-19, online learning capability becomes a key enabler of higher education competitiveness. This research collection points to key actions that CIOs must address to develop online learning strategies and good practices.


The initial phase of the COVID-19 crisis saw global higher education institutions rapidly adopt online learning to ensure continuity of instruction. Responses were aligned with the challenges of the pandemic, but have created a need for CIOs to reflect on the most appropriate longer-term institutional approach to online learning Questions of online learning strategy, institutional agility and appropriate measurement of outcomes must now be reviewed to create agility for the institution moving forward