Workforce Solutions

The federal government employs over 2 million civilian employees that serve the people by keeping federal agencies running.  They make sure federal agencies are providing for and protecting the American public in sectors such as social services, infrastructure, medical, law enforcement, and transportation just to name a few.
In many instances these agencies hire contractors to augment their workforce during times of high workload, or they need specialized experience that professional contractors can provide.  Just like in our work with the Department of Defense and military, VersaTech supports the federal government with our experience in leading edge technology and systems.  Our team members have the skills, experience, and commitment to excellence to help any government agency increase their productivity, perform at a higher level, and develop new tools and procedures to better serve the American people.
At VersaTech we consider it an honor to be entrusted with the role of assisting federal agencies serve the citizens of our country.  Every day we work to get better and this mindset is an asset to the agencies we serve and in turn saves taxpayer money and allows federal agencies to accomplish more with less for the American people.
Case Study
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Scope of Work

VersaTech has worked with NTHSA since 2012 developing a system to remove silos in data and integrate systems with another federal agency in order to share data and better serve the public and car manufacturers. Our solution enabled the client to collaborate within various NTHSA departments and to share critical vehicle data with the EPA. VersaTech’s full lifecycle IT support includes maintaining this system.


  • Increased agency productivity by 300%
  • Easier online submission capabilities for car manufacturers
  • Better productivity led to cost savings
  • Improved government transparency and data reporting